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Empirical x ÅBEN at 3DoD

Last month during Copenhagen’s 3DaysofDesign, we joined forces with our friends at Nordic design collective ÅBEN when they took over VinSupernaturel in Frederiksberg for three days of installations, talks and parties. Here’s the lowdown on the event, where we offered their guests our CAN02, as told by the ÅBEN team. by ÅBEN

We’re a Nordic design collective, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of emerging talent in the design world. At 3DaysofDesign, we were thrilled to launch our new designer (and Dane) Troels Flensted and his brilliant limited edition Poured Collection. 

A designer fascinated by materials and colour, Troels creates pieces that sit at the intersection of sculpture and function. His Poured Collection was sparked by a desire to visualise the making process. The material is mixed with a small amount of pigment, which is poured into a mould and creates something completely unique when it flows together. 

“The pattern is like a frozen moment; It captures the time of creation and is a very visual expression of how it’s made. I was pouring the other day and inadvertently shuddered so that my hands shook ever-so-slightly, and you could see it in the pattern. It’s how you know they’re completely handmade.”

Troels Flensted

Troels’ objects are simple, colourful, honest and thoughtfully made — just like Empirical’s cans. Empirical custom make everything themselves, down to the equipment and the machinery in their distillery. As a design collective committed to championing innovation and craftsmanship — with all our pieces made to order and customisable — this is why we were so excited to collaborate with these flavour wizards. We love that design is a part of Empirical’s approach to everything they do — it’s in their DNA.

At our three-day event at VinSupernaturel, we offered our guests Empirical’s good-looking CAN02 with its distinctive hot pink exterior. We love the can’s simple design, which allows its ingredients and flavour — a heady mix of sour cherry, blackcurrant buds, young pine cones, walnut wood and maqaw peppercorn — to sing. An intense red in colour, it was inspired by Belgian lambics, which are sour, fruity beers. A couple of those and you really felt the party.

Empirical’s cans first came about as a way to have a drink that’s both very Empirical, but that you can just crack open — whether you’re in the park, at the beach, at a gallery opening or, indeed, a design week event like ours. They’re now available in multi-packs, which is even better news.

Find out more about our Nordic design collective at Aben.as and shop Troels Flensted’s Poured Collection here.