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A Manhattan, I Suppose

Recipe part of The Japanese Masters Series. Nomura-san was first struck by the flavor of The Plum, I Suppose and how it encapsulates the essence of stone fruits. “There is a subtle fruitiness reminiscent of fruit brandies and grappa. I could see it used as a replacement for rum agricole or gins”. Since the spirit has a relatively low ABV and delicate nuances, it was all the more important for Nomura-san to select the right ingredients to support The Plum, I Suppose. Instantly, he saw “ seaweed has a way to fill in some gaps” and bring umami to his cocktail. A Manhattan, I Suppose is inspired by Nomura-san’s time at Fuglen, where he would often infuse seaweed in sweet rye whisky. Cocchi Americano is used to add body and a touch of sweetness to the drink. This is a rather smooth cocktail where the fruity notes of The Plum, I Suppose get to shine.


  • 4cl The Plum, I Suppose
  • 2cl Cocchi Americano
  • 0,8cl Dulse Seaweed infused Templeton Rye Whisky*
  • 1 lemon coin for garnish


  • Add all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir, add all ingredients along with ice and stir about 30 times (or until sufficiently chilled and diluted).
  • Strain into a glass, garnish with lemon coin after expressing the oils.
  • –––
  • For the seaweed infused Templeton Rye:
  • Infuse 2.5g of Dulse seaweed in 100 ml of Templeton Rye Whisky in in a zip lock and simmer for 2 hours at 60°C.