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Ayuuk Cafe Nail

Recipe part of The Japanese Masters Series. At first, the smoky notes of Ayuuk first reminded Takamiya-san of Islay Whisky: “In my experience, vanilla goes well with Islay whisky, so I figured it would with the complex chili flavors of Ayuuk too”. He infused both the vanilla liqueur and Ayuuk with coffee from Kenya. “Ayuuk is the backbone of the cocktail. Licor 43 lends sweetness and added complexity, while the coffee brings acidity and extra layers“. To garnish the cocktail, Takamiya-san used wood chips, to further enhance the smoky aromas of the cocktail. “I want guests to experience smokiness both visually and gustatively”


  • 4cl Ayuuk
  • 1,5cl Licor 43 Liqueur
  • 6g coffee (coarse ground, with an acidic flavor profile)
  • Orange peel for garnish
  • Wood chips for garnish


  • Set coffee (coarse ground) in a coffee dripper.
  • Pour Ayuuk and Licor 43 through the coffee, and let it drip.
  • Add a large ice cube into a rock glass, pour the cocktail over.
  • Stir until sufficiently chilled and diluted.
  • Express the oils of the orange peel and use as garnish.
  • Place the wood chips on a wooden coaster, ignite and serve alongside the cocktail.