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Empirical Espresso Royale

Recipe part of The Japanese Masters Series. Takamiya-san has often worked with kōji-based spirits but was startled by the unique mouthfeel and aromas of The Plum, I Suppose. He was “truly impressed by its ume-like flavors and refreshing acidity”. He instantly set to work and created a cocktail that would make the best of these nuanced notes, utilizing a fruit-forward coffee from Nicaragua, tied together with Champagne.


  • 3cl The Plum, I Suppose
  • 6cl espresso (or cold brew coffee with a strong extraction)
  • 2cl agave syrup
  • 3cl water
  • 6cl Champagne
  • 1 coffee bean for garnish


  • Combine The Plum, I Suppose, agave syrup, water, espresso and ice in a shaker and hard shake.
  • Double strain into a glass.
  • Top up with Champagne and garnish with a coffee bean.