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A take on the classic Irish Coffee.


  • 5cl The Plum, I Suppose
  • 0,6cl Tawny Port
  • 15cl coffee (we suggest a light and fruity coffee, with a gentle acidity. We get ours from our neighbours April Coffee Roasters)
  • 1 bar spoon (approximately 1/2 TSP) sugar
  • 1 plum kernel (you can use a leftover kernel from your Christmas pudding)
  • Cream float on top*


  • Add sugar, Port and The Plum, I Suppose to you preferred Irish coffee cup.
  • Brew a batch of your favorite coffee and pour it into the glass. Stir.
  • Gently float the cream on the drink.
  • *Cream Float:
  • Add your cracked plum kernel to heavy cream, leave in the fridge to infuse overnight.
  • Strain your plum kernel cream maceration.
  • Partially whisk your cream so it stiffens enough to float on top of the drink.