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Limited editions



Umami, savory, dry.


On ice with soda water, in the style of a Mizuwari.

Feels like

A delicate impression of the ocean with a minerality and complex dryness.

The Empirical x Kaneshichi collaboration exemplifies the goals of Empirical: to combine traditions and techniques from around the world and connect people through deliciousness.

Due to local regulations we are unfortunately not able to ship this spirit to the U.S. and Canada.

In this collaboration spirit the nuanced, smoky, umami flavors of the katsuobushi play the lead. We’ve macerated the shavings in our vacuum-distilled ferment of barley-koji and malted barley , redistilling it and then resting the spirit for two weeks in ex-cognac barrels. The result is a deep, savory spirit.

As a student of fermentation Lars has always been in awe of katsuobushi. It is one of the pillars of Japanese cuisine, a foundation that many preparations are often built upon.

Yusuke-san of Kaneshichi epitomises dedication to his craft and an ongoing pursuit of perfection. In this he celebrates the quality, attention care and constant innovation that constitutes the Japanese craftsman.

Lars had the honor of learning the rigorous process from Yusuke-san himself.

Every single part of his work, from slicing the bonito, to the careful cooking, tending the wood fires for four weeks of smoking, the meticulous mothering while the mold slowly transforms the loins from common arabushi to elegant honkarebushi.

Playing Mozart to the katsuobushi ‘to keep them happy’ is only one of the myriad of ways that Yusuke-san demonstrates uncommon care and pride in his work.

Yusuke-san’s complete commitment to his katsuobushi emerges through this spirit; this is an homage to his work. 

Kaneshichi Mizuwari



  • In a highball, add 2,5cl of Kaneshichi with ice and stir until sufficiently chilled and diluted.
  • Add 2cl of soda water, top up with ice and stir.
  • Add the rest of the spirit and stir.
  • Add the rest of the soda water, top up with ice and stir.
By Chris Stewart, Head of Research & Development