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Tasty Paste


Chocolaty, meaty, smoky, lightly sweet, savory, salty.


Put it in stuff.

Inspired by our limited edition spirit Bandit, our Tasty Paste is the first iteration in an ongoing exploration of umami pastes.

The Tasty Paste combines our brewers’ grain, barley koji and salt.

Just as in Bandit, the barley koji is cold-smoked with juniper wood, bringing forth smoky, umami and fresh mushroom aromas. The three ingredients are mixed together and left to ferment and age in a weighted vessel for over a year.

During the aging process, Tasty Paste develops its darker color and deeper aromas, lightly sweet and meaty notes with a dark chocolate undertone. A lower salt content than more traditional pastes like miso (6% vs 15%) fully expresses the delicate layers of our ingredients.

You got your Tasty Paste and wonder what to do with it? Check out how three Copenhagen-based cheffes use it in unfussy homey recipes.