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Bright, clean, floral.


With Green Tea.

Feels like

Our Mother Spirit; the foundation upon which most of our other spirits are built. With no added botanicals, the koji is the only hero here.

Helena is our most unadorned spirit. It transports the purest expression of fermentation into a unique drinking experience. Barley koji, pilsner malt and Belgian Saison yeast come together through a double fermentation process for results that combine a base flavor of sweet, floral notes from koji nuttiness and toasted bread notes from barley that give way to a bright, crisp umami finish.

After his explorations with fermentation in kitchens, Lars knew that the exciting flavor qualities present in koji (also found in fermented food and drinks such as miso, shochu, and sake) could enhance an entirely new kind of flavor experience.

A double fermented clear koji spirit with no botanicals, no kombuchas, no barrel-ageing. Only the core ingredients shared by most of our spirits, the temperatures we decide to brew at, and the length of our fermentation.


Helena is named after Lars' favorite Misfits song.

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